SMOLTECH Technika Zgrzewalnicza Sp. z o. o.

NIP: 8971804142; REGON: 360382474; KRS: 0000535326, share capital fully paid up: 350 000,00 PLN

We specialize in the design and production of modern resistance welding stations and automated process lines. Our devices are constructed on the basis of welding components from one of the largest manufacturers of resistance welding machines in Europe, including inverters, TECNA S.p.A. from Italy. We also use the highest quality components of global manufacturers of automation, electronics, optics, pneumatics and servo systems.

In addition to specialized welding stations, we offer basic stationary, table and suspended resistance spot welders for universal applications, both in industrial and unit production as well as spot-projection welding machines with tooling designed to perform specific welding operations.

We provide complex solutions in the scope of metal resistance welding, including:

  • development of welding technology and selection of equipment for the specificity of production;
  • design and implementation of specialized welding stations and welding tooling;
  • commissioning of devices, implementation into production, training and service;
  • deliveries of spare and operating parts: actuators, balancers, mounts and welding electrodes;
  • supply of equipment: transformers, control systems, water chillers.

We belong to the group of TECHNIKA SPAWALNICZA Sp. z o. o. from Poznan. We jointly carry out projects in the field of resistance welding based on the technology of TECNA S.p.A. from Italy and offer stud welding units produced by BOLTE GmbH from Germany and water chillers produced by ATS Srl from Italy.



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